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What is outsourcing your payroll operations, and how can it help your company?

What is outsourcing your payroll operations, and how can it help your company?

As an owner of a business who employs other people, you’re probably familiar of that time of the month… payday. This usually means lots of paperwork and other financial data that needs to be sent to the various members of your company and so forth. But you may have also considered outsourcing payroll duties to another company to offload some of that work. We study payroll outsourcing in further depth.

What is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing is when a business or company allows a third-party company to manage their payroll administration and paperwork. This will be in exchange for a nominal fee per employee. Some popular third-party payroll companies in Melbourne include Payroll Service Australia (,

What does outsourcing payroll offer?

Payroll services general offer services like: calculating payroll and tax payments, printing and delivery of paychecks and regular management reports. Depending on the business, they can send out weekly, bi-monthly or monthly paychecks and reports. Some also offer payroll software to automate and update employee benefits.

Why consider payroll outsourcing?

A business will consider payroll outsourcing for a few primary reasons: simpler payroll system, better knowledge of paying local and federal taxes and ease of mind,

What is outsourcing your payroll operations, and how can it help your company?

Simpler Payroll system

Payroll outsourcing may have simpler systems and requirements than managing it yourself. For example, instead of having to figure everything yourself such as employee taxes, local and federal taxes and outstanding student loans, you can get the outsourcing company to handle this. read more about employee taxes by clicking here

Better knowledge

Payroll outsourcing companies will be specialists in understanding what taxes and repayments are owed from each employee. As each employee will most likely have different payments to be deducted from their paycheck, the payroll service will take all of this into account.

Ease of mind

All of these factors (simpler payroll system and better knowledge) will put the business requesting the payroll service ease of mind as keeping the payroll procedure in-house can become a hassle. This is especially true if your company is expanding rapidly and have other priorities to handle.

A small business with 1-5 employees may prefer to keep payroll outsourcing in-house as it may not be financially viable to have payroll service. However if a company has more than 100+ employees, it will be difficult for the payroll administrator to keep track of each employee’s repayments or taxes due. It is always worth comparing local and multinational companies in terms of price and services offered before biting the bullet.


Payroll outsourcing for your business can be worth its time and investment if researched correctly and an efficient payroll service is chosen. If your business has hundreds of employees with varied shift patterns and different paycheck releases throughout a month, then payroll services is definitely worth considering. This Is due to their superior knowledge, simpler systems and ease of mind for your business. If you consider payroll outsourcing, do be sure to compare prices and services before committing to an outsourcing company.

Creating a Stronger Business – How You Can Make Your Payroll Service Australia Stand Out From the Crowd

Creating a Stronger Business – How You Can Make Your Payroll Service Australia Stand Out From the Crowd

Payroll services can look good on the outside but can also be easily lost in a sea of competition. The problem is too many professional set up a business and it means it’s harder to be recognized. Fighting for top spot is like a dog fight, it’s fierce and you never know who will win. However, if you fail to reach the top, your business might fail. Making your payroll service stand out from the crowd of competitors can be a lot less stressful if you know how.

Have an Advertisement Car

Advertisement cars are nifty and unique and you’ve probably seen these out and about. They are one of the very best tools you could utilize today. You can have a vehicle with your name, logo and company details written on the side and as you drive around town people see this and take note. If you wanted to, you could pay someone else to use the car such as private delivery drivers and this would get the word out. A payroll service Australia would find this useful and in all honesty, most professionals in this industry don’t think about it. However, it’s a great marketing tool.

Creating a Stronger Business – How You Can Make Your Payroll Service Australia Stand Out From the Crowd

You Must Offer Fair Prices

If you want to stand out from the rest of payroll services then you must be able to offer fair prices. Now, you may have a few clients currently who are willing to pay over the odds but think about it. Competitors are constantly analyzing you and look at potential weaknesses and if your prices are too high, they will pounce and drop their prices well below yours. That is why you have to offer fair prices that clients will be pleased with and that are also suitable for you to earn a living. Don’t drop prices ridiculously low but keep them at a reasonable level. Hopefully this will entice people to your business.

Flexible In Availability

You may like the idea of working 9-5, Monday to Friday but unfortunately that doesn’t always work for everyone and that means you have to adapt your style of working. It’s important for companies to see you are as flexible as they come and it means your availability must be flexible too. For instance if a company wanted a fast turnaround with payroll and they asked you to work at a weekend in order for the employees to be paid by Monday evening, you need to offer that. This is what stands your business out from the rest because you give something extra; it may only be a little flexibility in working hours but its worth a lot for a quality payroll service Australia.

In Great Demand

Businesses always need good payroll services and if you are able to offer that, you will be in constant demand. Yes, the competition is fierce for this industry but again, organizations love to see people who are hard working and who offer something more because it makes them feel wanted. The above tips are just a few ways in which you could market your business better and make it stronger. Payroll outsourcing is such a popular service for businesses today and if you offer what they need, you have the ability to succeed.


3 disadvantages of outsourced payroll

3 disadvantages of outsourced payroll

Let’s start with the big problem first. By handing over your payroll service and control to an outsourced provider, you hand over critical information that can destroy your business.

Imagine if you will what would happen to your organization or business with a contractor doing your payroll this week.

 Answer these questions below and see how many you would confidently answer yes to:

  • You know all the legal payment rates, allowances and awards for all your employees.
  • You understand your superannuation obligations
  • You easily understand how to calculate or check your pay as you go tax payments for each employee
  • You would detect if payments went to a fake or non-existent employee

This is where the biggest disadvantage of payroll outsourcing comes to a head. You still need to know what is needed to be entered in the payroll system, you need to know how many employees are to be paid and how much, and whether the payroll contractor is actually making your tax payments as required.

3 disadvantages of outsourced payroll

Having payroll done by contractors doesn’t remove your obligation and responsibility to ensure it is correct.

Your employees will still blame you

When payday comes and goes, your employees will not care about who does the payroll outsourcing. When employees are not paid they will come to you for a solution. This means you will have to chase the service provider and hope they can explain the situation and fix it quickly so that your business can get back to work.

It is not a rare event, but payroll contractors have been known to make payments to themselves or clean out your bank completely without you knowing for days.

The management of payroll can be worse than doing it

Before you outsource your payroll services I want you to think about a few facts first. You will need to have all the payroll information ready to hand over to the contractor anyway. Then you will need to explain any organizational documents, time sheets or employment contracts before they get started. learn more about creating time sheets by clicking here

On top of this you will need to spend extra time checking their work to ensure that it is being done correctly.

I would suggest that you give them a sample set of time sheets and get them to demonstrate that they are capable of managing the payroll before letting them loose in your systems. This will also require that you update your insurances to cover any problems that might arise from using payroll services and stoppage of employees’ wages.

Remember that they will have all your employees’ personal records and taxation information that needs to be protected under the Privacy Act, and they have not given permission for you to hand it over to a contracted payroll provider.

To conclude:

It becomes easier to hire your own payroll employee and keep control over the work. The focus is on continuous improvement of business systems to stimulate growth through our principles of Initiate, Inspire, Innovate. Customer-centric focus using payroll service Australia extensive experience in consumer behavior and business process operations to find ways to help business owners manage their organizations.